Version 7.11 of Evolia Application Now Available!

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🎉 Version 7.11 of our application is now available!


📋A tailor-made welcome 

With the launch of recruitment features and a few other surprises in store, we’ve got a big wave of new companies joining the Evolia community. So we’ve created a personalized welcome based on the interests of these newcomers, to help them set up their account more easily. A list of things to do and learn is also provided during the first few weeks. Even if you’re not a new user, it may be possible to see this list appear if there are any basic items that aren’t set up in your account. This list will appear at the bottom right of Evolia in the console.


🏢Save time by configuring your company settings

It’s possible to configure some of your company’s basic settings, such as the start day of your work week, main shift start and end times, and usual premium. When you create new shifts, these parameters will already be in place as default values, allowing you to be more efficient.


🌟Evolia makes a few tweaks to its logo

Following the launch of the Evolia brand, we received some constructive feedback and decided to make a few adjustments to our logos. Note that the mobile application icon is changing. If you have users wondering where their app is, here’s the new icon on iOS and Android.

Use the enhancements from version 7.11 now and discover how we’re making it easy to access 1000’s of local verified candidates for shift work! 🎊





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