How Staffing Firms Leverage Technology to Alleviate the Workforce Shortage

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Recruiting, onboarding and managing a workforce has been a continuous effort for companies across all sectors.

On top of that, staffing agencies have always had to be on top of their game and come up with new creative ways to innovate in this fast-paced economy.

Innovation often brings technology. When it comes to staffing, technology can either reinvent common practices or support and automate already game-changing ones.

We’ve had the chance to achieve the former when we launched Taleo back in the 2000s. Since then, we’ve been able to see firsthand how recruiters and HR managers have taken the bull by the horns by reinventing themselves on the daily.

These reinventions serve as inspiration for us at Evolia as we develop our solutions in partnership with some of the leading staffing agencies and their customers.

Our goal? Giving them back control over their costs and ensuring staffing requests are a painless process.

Here’s the thing: innovation and transformation don’t have to involve rethinking processes entirely. We can automate things that work and rapidly reduce friction across an organization. Is it as disruptive as when we got rid of curriculums as we used to know them?

No. But I believe that saving staffers and their clients hours every week, giving them control over their costs and making staffing requests a painless process can be just as beneficial for many businesses.

Plus, automation doesn’t need to require a learning curve!

All talk aside, how can staffing agents leverage tech to increase their revenues now?

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Client-Agency Communication

A clear benefit technology can offer staffing agencies is receiving clients’ staffing needs the minute they are identified and channelling them automatically.

We have seen the positive impacts of a fully integrated process many times, as some of our agency customers convinced their clients to use Evolia and integrated them into their own workflows.

Whenever a client can’t find an employee to fill a shift, the shift gets automatically funnelled to the agency. They can then simply approve it and forward it to their own candidate’s database, passing through any requirement initially documented on the shift.

Once a worker is found and assigned a shift, it’s directly communicated to the client.

This communication process is quite simple and not the most revolutionary, but automating the process reduces the need for double entries and generates considerable returns. That’s where employee recruitment apps can help. 

Faster and more efficient Assignment Processes

Matching open shifts with qualified and available workers is at the heart of every staffing expert’s job.

And it’s how we got Evolia started a few years back. Even though there’s some convincing to be done, a large part of the task requires you to analyze the shift’s requirements and find qualified and interested workers. This can be a long and tedious process for someone to undergo (and honestly quite boring)but simple for software to do. For this reason, we believe there is no reason not to leverage technology instead.

Automating this single process alone can save agencies hours every week, and generate considerable returns across a one-year span.

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Performance Tracking

When compared to spreadsheets, the simplest integrated databases offering several filters can provide impressive gains when compared to past spreadsheets.

Not only can your workers’ database save you time, but it’s also a tremendous source of data that can let you prioritize employees for each shift and identify your most valuable assets.

This data, along with scheduling’s output can also help you understand your workforce capacity and see how it aligns with your customers’ needs. Having performance tracking in place helps you identify the trends your business should hop on to generate and control its growth.

Streamlined Payroll and Invoicing

These are just some of the specific takeaways we see our staffing partners receive from their digital endeavours.

Like every other business we support, staffing agencies also have to undergo common workforce management tasks, like time & attendance tracking, replacements and leave management and so much more.

Final Thoughts

Small automations can go a long way. With the workforce shortage not set to end anytime soon, we’ve seen how much agencies can benefit from implementing technologies such as Evolia.

Better forecasting, increased demand, and faster and smarter shift assignment are just some of the many tangible returns that can be obtained in a few days without a steep learning curve. After all, automation is innovation without a learning curve!

As we’ve seen it, this is only part of the efforts staffing agencies undergo as they are fueled by the current demand for more workers.

By leveraging technologies, current workforce challenges can lead to exciting opportunities to automate crucial processes, streamline payroll and improve client-agency communication.

We wish you the best of luck in your search for a technology software that meets your staffing needs.

If you’re interested in taking the next step toward automating your workforce processes, schedule a free demo to share some of your challenges and explore the many possibilities Evolia can offer.

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