Forget Job Hunting…Go “Shift Shopping”!

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Welcome to the future of work, where employers aren’t just posting jobs; they’re offering shifts! Shift workers can build and manage their own schedules and work where and when they want! Candidates can filter their search on Evolia and search for part-time or full-time slots which will prompt available shifts nearby. You can apply in seconds and become a local, verified shift worker! Work is easier with Evolia for employees and employers.

Workers want more freedom than ever. Perhaps to make time to study, or earn “fun” money for vacations, or work extra to pay off a mortgage. Some seek fulfilment outside of a corporate desk job. It’s not about the traditional 9-to-5 grind or settling for the first offer that comes your way. It’s about finding work that works for you, your skills, and your calendar, all with a single-click! 

The game is changing, and it’s time to level up your job-seeking journey and find work that works for you. Forget job hunting…go Shift Shopping! 🛒


What Is “Shift Shopping”?

“Shift Shopping” is the ability to view different shifts from a variety of employers and locations, find the right one that fits your skill set and calendar, and instantly apply to work those shifts.

It’s different from traditional job hunting. Employers who post on the Evolia are looking for flexible staffing options to fill part-time or full-time shifts in their business.

Employers post shifts, not jobs and potential candidates can apply to those shifts in a click of a button. 

“Shift Shopping” ultimately gives you, the employee, more freedom and flexibility when it comes to designing how you work and where. Welcome to the new world of work and management.


How to Go Shift Shopping

Step 1: ‘Shop for shifts’ that match your location and skillset

Evolia allows you to view jobs by company and location to find the perfect fit for your skill set and where you live. Navigate the job board by clicking on shifts to view more information, zoom in and out to find other shifts in different locations and apply in seconds. 

Step 2: Set up your account on Evolia

Once you’ve found shifts you’ll apply for, setting up your account takes seconds.

Click on the shift you’re interested in and hit “Log in to show your interest”. From there, you can set up your account, providing basic information like your name, phone number and postal code. Or simply create a profile here.

Step 3: Apply in a click of a button

Avoid the annoying process of filing out hundreds of information boxes on various application sites. No need to input your resume into a job portal 3 times to apply for a single position. Sound familiar? 

With Evolia, once you create your account, upload your resume, provide any other relevant information and submit your application. Easy.

Say goodbye to the days of endless form-filling and resume uploads. With Evolia, it’s a breeze!

After the application for the shifts and job is submitted, you’ll receive a notification that the employer has received your documents and will review them. From there, you can peruse the map for more jobs to apply to or wait to hear back from the application you just submitted.

Step 4: View All Applications In Once Central Location

As you continue applying for shifts, it’s easy for you to view all the applications you’ve sent over. We all know that when looking for new shifts and jobs, applying to several places is the best way to line up interviews. Now you can easily view all the applications you sent over in one central location. 

Simply head over to the top right corner of the map where your name and account is. Click “My Applications” on the drop down to head to your profile and applications page. From there you can view each application you’ve sent, the day it was sent and other information about the job. 

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It Pays to Go Shift Shopping!

Shift Shopping with Evolia is the perfect way to make more money and have complete flexibility with your lifestyle and needs.


With “Shift Shopping”, you have increased flexibility to instantly apply to shifts near you that come up and sound interesting. Have morning commitments and want to find afternoon or evening shifts? Or maybe you simply just like to sleep in. Find the right shift that fits your life.

Extra Fun Money

Who doesn’t like extra fun money? With the Evolia, easily find new shifts that can bring in extra income for you and your family. By applying for shifts that fit your schedule, you can easily find work that is right for you and your schedule, so you can keep earning. 

Save Time on Job Applications

Don’t waste another afternoon or evening uploading your resume then typing it all out again and again into application job forms line by line. Shift Shopping with Evolia makes it easier for you to apply to jobs. So you can focus on what matters, earning those extra dollars. 


Why your business needs to be on Evolia

The Old Way of Recruiting Employees

Picture this… You’re a manager reviewing your upcoming quarter, ensuring you’re fully staffed in order to provide a great customer experience for your retail outlets.  

You notice that you have several staff members that will be reducing their availability in order to coordinate other demands in life. This in turn will cause several retail outlets to be short-staffed. Oh no! 

Typically as a manager, you’ll update the role job description and get posting on online job boards or even post physical signage in your storefront windows. Then wait for applications, conduct interviews, then finally hire and onboard the right employee. 

What a long and tedious process…

The New and Exciting Way To Recruit Flexible Employees 

While reviewing your upcoming quarter for staffing needs, you notice the upcoming shortage. You quickly log-in to your Evolia account to post the open shifts on the Evolia. 

From there, you see multiple different and relevant candidates apply to your open shifts.

Once you’ve found the right hires, they’ll automatically be pulled into your Evolia Workforce Management platform for easy scheduling, time tracking and payroll. 

As an employer, there are huge benefits to using modern technology that recruits, schedules, manages and automates payroll for your shift-based employees. 

And you can access it all from the palm of your hands with Evolia. While saving countless hours each money on recruiting, scheduling and managing your workforce.


Start Shift Shopping

So, are you finally ready to find shifts with ease? Forget job hunting…it pays to go “Shift Shopping” You can WIN a stay at a luxurious Fairmont hotel near you + more!

Explore Evolia’s “Shift Map”.

Find the “shopping bags” icon 🛍️ and apply to the contest as a candidate!

While you’re at it, keep your eyes open for real open shifts that interest you. With Evolia you can work where and when you want

How to Enter

  • Follow the link in our bio / for Facebook: Go here: 
  • Explore the shifts on the map and find the bag 
  • Once spotted, fill out your applicant info.
  • You have until Oct 31st to participate.
  • Certain conditions apply.

It’s as simple as that to apply for a shift with Evolia! Good luck, the winner will be contacted by email the week of November 13th 2023.


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