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Evolia’s services assist you in locating nearby employees and collaborating with them to create schedules that meet everyone’s needs. We use strong assignment workflows to comply with union regulations and employ shift bidding to quickly fill any remaining positions.

Robust Scheduling

Tailor Evolia’s assignment workflows to your needs. Prioritize employees based on seniority, skills and more. Automate call-outs to save time and ensure all schedules get filled.

Task tracking

Easily add task groups to your shifts in a click. Keep track of time spent on each task, whether it’s a laundry list of rooms to clean, steps to follow, or a newcomer’s training. Evolia’s got you covered.

Schedule-based recruiting

Scheduling is stressful, but even more so when you lack people to schedule! Evolia connects you to your local talent pool for stress-free recruiting to fill those suddenly available shifts.


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I made my delivery schedule, left all shifts open, and employees applied for the shifts they wanted.

Everything is done automatically and I did not have to contact all the employees one by one or to make heartbreaking choices.

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Get your team to embrace your mission and empower them to embody the experience you want your guests to have. Work together on building your best schedules, make sure all tasks get done, and increase collaboration so everyone works towards the same goal.

  • Collaborative schedule management
  • Loads of customizable business rules
  • Integrated task management to support daily work and employee onboarding
  • Integrated with the most popular payrolls and ticketing solutions
  • Overtime & premium management
  • Overtime & premium management
  • Streamlined call-out lists
  • Automated scheduling