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Simplify shift work operations

Evolia makes it easier to hire, schedule and track time worked by your frontline workers.

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Empower manager & worker collaboration

Evolia fosters manager-worker collaboration with centralized communication and scheduling. Its self-service features ensure compliance, while mobile and web interfaces offer convenience.

Streamline HR ops - from recruitment to payroll

Evolia equips management with the right tools; streamlined tracking, integrations to prevent data errors, and time-saving features for scheduling and payroll tasks.

Always count on your best roster

Increase internal mobility, recruit locally, and ensure no shift goes unassigned. Maximize workforce efficiency and prioritize assignments with Evolia. Let’s make teamwork the dream work!

Robust features

Built for you
and your team

Save time on scheduling

Robust & simple
Robust & simple

Watch us simplify your scheduling complexity

Evolia helps you build templates, set rules, workflows, assign rotations, and even contacts workers for you!

Custom callout lists

Offer open shifts in the order you want, as complex as it can be.

Smart Scheduling tools

Build schedules your way with over 10 different tools!

Count on precise data

Fast, reliable and complete
Fast, reliable and complete

We clean your data AND ensure traceability

Lost time rounding and double timesheet entries between systems can lead to costly mistakes! Evolia normalizes your entries, connects your HR and financial ecosystem, while logging every adjustment for increased traceability.

Flexible time-clocking solutions

Get clocking data in real-time to monitor attendance. Evolia’s fixed time clock terminals and geofenced mobile punching will keep it honest and accurate. The proof is in the tracking…

Smart punch processing

Set time entry rules, Evolia will normalize them for you.

Extensive timesheets

Keep payroll in a single place, avoid duplications and errors. Validate and process in seconds!

Automate your assignment processes

The right worker for each shift
The right worker for each shift

Scheduling is collective and proven with Evolia

Automate your assignment processes and get the right worker for each shift.
Scheduling doesn’t have to go back and forth. Put your ping-pong paddles down and bring everyone to the table. With Evolia’s evolved tools, you can bridge the gap between your manager’s needs and worker’s expectations.

Automated assignments

Your shifts get auto-assigned so you can shift your focus to other priorities.

Intuitive self-service portal

Engage your team with real-time information made readily available.

Centralize HR operations

The new way to hire
The new way to hire

They fuel your business.
We keep it all connected.

Human Resources are strategic…but not necessarily current. Evolia helps HR operations connect their needs with other pieces of its ecosystem including HRIS, payroll and billing.

Leave request processing

Approve leaves and rest assured zero shifts will be left unattended.

Replacement and swap management

In a matter of seconds – request, approve and solve last-minute changes.

Employee portal

Employees can bid on available open shifts in real-time. Get employees to update their availability and constraints.

Scout and position your dream team

Open. Hire. Assign.
Open. Hire. Assign.

We find the right people to fill your schedules

Evolia is the first solution to connect recruitment directly to your labor needs. Managers can quickly and directly place recruitment orders without an intermediary. As simple as; 1. Worker applies 2. You call them 3. You hire them.

An infinite pool of local workers

Evolia grants access to all qualified workers near you.

Increased team mobility

Eliminate silos to leverage everyone’s availability.

Collaborate with workers for instant optimal schedules

Evolia is the #1 tool that allows managers and workers to create schedules in seconds. Place people and let people place themselves. Workers choose when and where they want to be. No shift gets left unattended.

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Track your team’s time to maximize your own

You never need to manually review timecards again. Evolia normalizes entries for you and flags those requiring the manager’s attention. From clocking to approving timesheets, customize your rules to each category. Green when a worker punches in. Yellow if late. Red for no-shows.

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Connect with your local talent pool

Looking for someone to take on extra shifts? Choose your talent. You’ll never run short of options when it comes to building your dream workforce.

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Automate payroll processing

Single-click and error-free! Count on Evolia’s integrations to transfer accurate data to payroll. Automated timesheet normalization and payroll processing made easy.

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To-do lists reinvented

Get with the program: Evolia allows managers to set recurring tasks, assign them to specific teams and individual workers. Tasks for each shift will be more fun to check-off!

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Trusted by thousands

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it work

Trusted by thousands

Solve their most complex workforce challenges

It took 2 weeks of implementation and testing but we are thrilled as we are now saving between 2 hours and 5 hours of work everyday!

Benjamin Mercier, Administration TechnicianCIUSSS de l’Ouest-de-l’île-de-Montréal

Before Evolia I had nearly 80 post-its reminding me of every employee’s time constraints. Now, it’s almost a full workday I save on scheduling alone every week.

Geneviève Watters, ManagerMAclinique Lebourgneuf

Teams using the app seem in control! Honestly, I didn’t know the app at all when I took over scheduling and it couldn’t have been easier, it’s going very well. If everything could be that simple! 😉

Josée Blanchet, HR AdvisorLes Sommets

Evolia is a very easy and efficient app. You can schedule people directly through it and view employees’ availability in real-time which is an amazing time-saver since you’re always in the know!

Sara MacleodHR Assistant, Polymos

I made my delivery schedule, left all shifts open, and employees applied for the shifts they wanted. Everything is done automatically and I did not have to contact all the employees one by one or to make heartbreaking choices. Thank you!

Meredith B., ManagerBâton Rouge

The Evolia app allows me to save so much time in preparing my schedules!

Floor ManagerLe Diamant

It’s very user-friendly, plus we pay for what we use!

Lindsay Lesage, Operations CoordinatorGroupe Gestion Medicale Urgence
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