How To Implement Recruitment Strategies for Your Healthcare Practice

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Crafting a recruitment plan that’s as smart as it is strategic is your secret weapon. 

In this guide, we’re diving deep into four recruitment strategies, breaking them down step by step. We’ll even get techy and talk about using software for new employee recruitment

So, buckle up and get ready to unleash a recruitment strategy that’s tailor-made for your healthcare practice, whether you’re in senior living care or at a larger walk-in clinic!

Table of Contents

  • 4 Top Recruitment Strategies to Implement
  • How to Successfully Implement a Recruitment Strategy
  • Using Software to Recruit Effectively

4 Top Healthcare Recruitment Strategies to Implement

Use Online Job Boards

Just as healthcare professionals are increasingly turning to digital tools to streamline their work, job seekers are also gravitating towards online job boards. Posting your job openings on platforms like Evolia, LinkedIn, Indeed, and specialized healthcare job boards can significantly expand your reach. 

When posting on online job boards, make sure you create enticing job descriptions and provide information on your company. It’s also becoming more important to include compensation package information, too. 

Forget Job Hunting… Go Shift Shopping

Evolia is unique compared to other job search platforms. With Evolia, go shift shopping.

Shift shopping is the ability to view different shifts from a variety of employers and locations, find the right one that fits your skill set and calendar, and instally apply to work those shifts.

It’s different from traditional job hunting. Employers who post on the Evolia are looking for flexible staffing options to fill part-time or full-time shifts in their business.

Employers post shifts, not jobs and potential candidates can apply to those shifts in a click of a button. 

Campus and School Recruitment

Consider building relationships with local colleges, universities, and vocational schools with healthcare programs. With a consistent flow of new graduates coming from these programs, you can access talent who is actively looking for a role in the healthcare industry.

Another route is to participate in career fairs. Having an employee represent the company at career fairs will put your brand out there to potential candidates that you’re looking to shift workers. Building this brand recognition as an employer for new graduates is a great way to build long-term recruiting relationships.

Dial in Your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) & Recruitment Practices

Your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is what sets your healthcare practice apart from others. It’s the unique combination of benefits, culture, and unique opportunities you offer to your employees. 

Clearly defining your EVP and incorporating it into your recruitment materials will help attract candidates who align with your practice’s values and goals. Have an amazing benefits package? Or maybe you have a flexible vacation policy for your frontline workers. Be sure to share this with candidates so they can get excited about potentially working for your company.

Invest in Your Brand and Recruitment Tools

Your healthcare practice’s brand is essential in attracting top talent. Not only will investing in your brand help with overall marketing efforts, it will also help in the recruitment process. 

Having a strong brand that is recognized in the community can be a great healthcare recruitment strategy that brings talent to your front door, ready and happy to work with an organization they already know. 

For example, Brightview Senior Living is rated one of the top healthcare employers to work for in Baltimore, MD. They did this by establishing a strong brand that propels them to the top of these lists, while creating positive buzz among the community of Baltimore.  

Additionally, investing in recruitment tools and technology will help you streamline your hiring process, creating an efficient and easy onboarding for new shift workers. 

How to Successfully Implement a Recruitment Strategy for Healthcare

Step 1: Define Recruitment Goals

Before implementing a recruitment strategy for your practice or senior living facility, establish clear goals. Determine the number of positions you need to fill, the skills required, and the timeline for recruitment. Setting measurable objectives helps you track progress and adjust your strategy as needed. 

Step 2: Understand your Target Candidates

Identify the specific qualifications, experience, and characteristics you seek in candidates, an ideal candidate profile. Understand the challenges and opportunities your healthcare practice offers to potential employees. This will help you tailor a recruitment strategy to attract individuals who best fit your ideal candidate profile. 

And more importantly, this candidate profile will help you scale your recruitment efforts should you look to hire more talent acquisition specialists or outsource this to recruitment agencies. 

Step 3: Source Candidates

This is one of the most important steps to your recruitment strategy. Sourcing Candidates. 

As previously mentioned, using online job boards,like Evolia’s shift board, or engaging with educational institutions in career fairs and graduate job placement programs, while honing in on your EVP will all contribute to a successful candidate sourcing plan. 

Target candidate sourcing from multiple angles to get a range of different candidates and see what fits your ideal candidate profile the best. 

Step 4: Screen & Hire

Once you’ve got candidates lining up to discuss your open positions, now it’s time to implement a thorough screening and interview process to assess candidates’ qualifications and cultural fit. 

A strong screening process may involve a single interview for some positions. A more thorough, multiple interview process with different stakeholders may also be used for other positions. Map out how you want to screen employees, what you’ll look for in each stage, and how you’ll ultimately determine the final hiring decision. 

Once you’ve developed that, you’ll be ready to extend an offer to a candidate and onboard them into your business. Congratulations! 

Using Software to Recruit Effectively

Software makes our lives easier, there is no doubt about that. So why not use it when recruiting in the healthcare industry? 

In the ever-evolving world of healthcare workforce management, Evolia’s Workforce Management Platform offers a cutting-edge Recruitment feature designed to streamline your shift assignments. Here’s how it transforms the way you find and schedule the right workers for every shift:

Post Shifts, Not Jobs

Say goodbye to traditional job postings. With Evolia, you can instantly notify our extensive talent pool, including thousands of eager workers from neighbouringneighboring businesses. This ensures you schedule individuals genuinely excited about their roles, enhancing both business efficiency and the customer experience.

This modern approach ensures you have the talent you need when you need it.

One-Click Posting & Increased Visibility

Simplify your shift assignment process with a single click. Posting a shift becomes a seamless part of your workflow. With each additional shift posting, your likelihood of discovering the ideal candidate improves. Evolia’s platform garners more attention from external candidates, boosting your visibility.

New Resources Under One Roof

Manage your entire recruitment process within the platform you’re already familiar with, keeping everything centralized. After hiring, easily assign your new recruit to their preferred shift with a simple click. If necessary, include them in an extra training shift to ensure readiness.

Enable employee mobility across business units, ensuring all shifts are covered, and enhancing internal mobility with fallback rules for maximum contributions.

Final Thoughts

Implementing a recruitment strategy for your healthcare practice is vital for securing top talent. Just as the healthcare industry has embraced digital tools to improve patient care, adapting your recruitment methods to the digital era can transform your hiring process. With Evolia, we improve patient care by filling those hard-to-fill shifts. So no shift is left unattended.

Embrace change, refine your strategies, and invest in the right recruitment tools to build a team that delivers exceptional care. Remember, recruiting effectively is not about abandoning what works but optimizing for efficiency and success in an evolving recruitment landscape.

For more information on Evolia’s workforce management platform will exceed your expectations for your workforce needs, get in touch with us today for a free demo!



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