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Stay in full control of urgent matters

Optimize your workforce and HR operations by engaging your employees in the scheduling process.


A robust and flexible solution

Evolia offers the required flexibility to support you as you plan and assign resources.
Set your rules, engage your workers, and make sure schedules are both full and compliant.

Streamline healthcare scheduling
Understand your capacity

Keep track of workers’ availability and constraints, centralize leave management and certifications, and keep track of how many people could possibly fill in a new shift.

Automate scheduling changes

Need last-minute replacements? Automate call-outs and prioritize employees for overtime.

Set your rules and control surprise changes.

Streamline shift assignments

Evolia guarantees the adherence to collective agreements. Employees are prioritized in open shift bidding with a user-friendly self-service portal and automated worker assignment processes.

Helping your people to collaborate

Self-Service Portal

Workers can update their availability, bid on shifts and request replacements on-the-go. No more need for back-and-forth calls and costly paperwork.

Dynamic Call-outs

Set rules and priorities for different groups of employees. Publish needs for shift/replacement to trigger invitation workflows and ensure you have the right resource for the job.

Real-time Schedules

Employees can access and edit current schedules. Changes are published quickly, and replacements are promptly made available. Evolia makes it easier to fill last-minute shift replacements.

Customizable Assignment Rules

Despite the amount of union agreements in place, or the complexity of your assignment rules. Set it up seamlessly – your way – and adjust assignments when needed.

Smart Time Tracking

Punch-clock or not, tracking worked time is crucial for all healthcare organizations. Understand exactly how shift changes will affect current and future overtime, and get notified of staff absences in minutes. Watch workforce costs as they grow.

Accessible audit trail

Avoid confusion. Document all changes from shift invites to vacation approvals and profile updates. Download history and easily refer to past decisions from your managers.

And much more…

You save lives. We save
workforce headaches.

  • Centralized work messaging to stay in the know at all times.
  • Manage schedule changes on the go with our mobile app.
  • Multiple time-entry solutions to support all types of workers.
  • Capacity tracking to let you know if, and when, your needs are covered.
  • Fully-customizable assignment processes to respect union rules.
  • Master schedule management, rotations and templates.
  • Local recruitment platform to reduce overtime pressure.
  • Real-time overtime tracking to align your next assignments.
  • Auto-scheduling to help leverage your employees’ commitment.

It took 2 weeks of implementation and testing but we are thrilled as we are now saving between 2 hours and 5 hours of work everyday!

Benjamin Mercier, Administration TechnicianCIUSSS de l’Ouest-de-l’île-de-Montréal

Before Evolia I had nearly 80 post-its reminding me of every employee’s time constraints. Now, it’s almost a full workday I save on scheduling alone every week.

Geneviève Watters, ManagerMAclinique Lebourgneuf

I made my delivery schedule, left all shifts open, and employees applied for the shifts they wanted. Everything is done automatically and I did not have to contact all the employees one by one or to make heartbreaking choices. Thank you!

Meredith B., ManagerBâton Rouge

Make scheduling
your best asset

Day-to-day demands of a manager are complex and crucial. Finding the right resources to ensure patient care doesn’t have to be. That’s why we work with top healthcare players to create an HR operations solution that works.

  • Integrated with most HRIS and ERP softwares
  • Robust and customizable business rules
  • Self-service employee portal
  • Real-time replacement and absence management
  • Streamlined call-out lists
  • Automated scheduling

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