Release Notes

The latest feature releases, bugfixes, and improvements from the Evolia team.


🎉Version 7.11

📋A tailor-made welcome 

With the launch of recruitment features and a few other surprises in store, we’ve got a big wave of new companies joining the Evolia community. So we’ve created a personalized welcome based on the interests of these newcomers, to help them set up their account more easily. A list of things to do and learn is also provided during the first few weeks. Even if you’re not a new user, it may be possible to see this list appear if there are any basic items that aren’t set up in your account. This list will appear at the bottom right of Evolia in the console.

🏢Save time by configuring your company settings

It’s possible to configure some of your company’s basic settings, such as the start day of your work week, main shift start and end times, and usual premium. When you create new shifts, these parameters will already be in place as default values, allowing you to be more efficient.

🌟Evolia makes a few tweaks to its logo

Following the launch of the Evolia brand, we received some constructive feedback and decided to make a few adjustments to our logos. Note that the mobile application icon is changing. If you have users wondering where their app is, here’s the new icon on iOS and Android.

Use the enhancements from version 7.11 now and discover how we’re making it easy to access the growing pool of local talent! 🎊


🎉 Version 7.10

📋Add a job description

We know that it is important to have a little more detail about the employer’s expectations of the candidate. Now, administrators have the possibility to define a comprehensive job description for each position. The job description is available when you create a position or edit it through your company settings.

👨‍💼Employee creation improvement 

Discover a new and improved window where you can choose how you want to add employees. You can now choose between adding your employees or importing them via a list. Not only have we improved the visual esthetics, but we’ve also fine-tuned the process of adding employees for a faster and smoother experience.

Use the enhancements from version 7.10 now and discover how we’re making it easy to access the growing pool of local talent! 🎊


🎉 Version 7.9

🏢Customize logos by location

To attract more candidates to your brand, it’s now possible to customize the logo associated with a workplace to display on the recruitment platform. This allows you to highlight the different banners of your group or your branches.

Launch next invitation phase

The manager is now able to manually trigger the next  invitation phase. When the shift invitation rule includes several invitation phases, and some phases have not yet been triggered, the manager is able to launch the next invitation phase. 

🗂️ Hierarchy for divisions and teams

Speed up selection of all teams associated with a division. The mobile version now displays the division and team hierarchy in filters and availabilities. 

Use the enhancements from version 7.9 now and discover how we’re making it easy to access the growing pool of local talent! 🎊


🎉 Version 7.8

📋Addition of a resume for the candidate

We know that sometimes it is important to have a little more detail about the candidates. Applicants now have the option to attach their resume to their application. Upon receipt of an application, you will see if the person has attached a resume then you can access it after unlocking their contact file. In fact, the upload could also be used to send proof of accreditation or certification.

🎯New advanced filters on the recruitment platform

Candidates can now switch to advanced search mode allowing them to arrive more quickly on the shifts that interest them. They can narrow their search using one or more attributes such as weekdays, shift time, salary, and industry. These new filters allow you to obtain better targeted applications.

⏰Create your recruiting shift with ease

A new visual has been implemented to simplify the publication of recruitment shifts. Go try it now! Fewer steps, fewer complex settings, and a preview helps you see the result as you create the entry.

⏰ Simplified and advanced visual overhaul for positions and locations

Again, multiple optimizations to simplify the creation of positions and places by allowing a simple path and advanced options. Same possibilities for experts and simplified steps for all types of users.

✋Managing conversations in messaging

If you are an admin and are part of a chat conversation, you will now have the option to archive that conversation. A little cleaning is always good.

🌟Improve visibility on upcoming open shifts

Your employees will now have better visibility of upcoming open shifts from their mobile app. This change should help you fill more shifts with more raised hands!

Use the enhancements from version 7.8 now and discover how we’re making it easy to access the growing pool of local talent! 🎊


🎉 Version 7.7

🎨 A simple way to recruit new candidates 

If you haven’t yet customized your white-label recruitment page, go to your recruitment section for a brand-new tutorial explaining how to do it in 3 easy steps.

🔗 New integrations available 

Two new integrations have been added to our list with SmartRec and Algo.

SmartRec (Amilia): It is now possible to import your SmartRec recreational activities to display them on your schedule of the platform.

Algo: Simplify your payroll management by exporting your Evolia timesheet to Algo.

🔁 Managing changes to shift parameters published on recruitment

A few improvements have been made to the management of modifications to the parameters of the open shift or published to recruitment, to ensure consistency between the two.

Upgrade to version 7.7 now and discover how we’re making your time management more intuitive and adaptable! 🎊


Version 7.6

🗃️ Backing up your workspace

No need to reprogram all your filters and display preferences, everything is saved automatically for a display available the next time you connect to the application. It should be noted that you will have two separate workspaces, a web version and a mobile version.

✋ Date and time display on a raised hand

When an employee is interested in a shift, you can now see the detail on the date and time they showed interest. We have also tweaked the ordering and the iconographies for a more intuitive reading.

📈 Performance improvements

Some web and mobile adjustments have been implemented to improve the performance of the application. On the web, we have notably optimized the display of open shifts in the time view in order to improve the loading of the display.

Upgrade to version 7.6 now and discover how we’re making your time management more intuitive and adaptable! 🎊


Version 7.5 

📋 Edit invitation rules from a draft shift

Greater flexibility! For a draft open shift, it is now possible to edit the publishing parameters of a shift offered to employees, including the applicable invitation rule.

🔁 Editing the salary and end date of a shift published to the recruitment platform

You can now edit the recruitment parameters, specifically the salary and end date for a shift already published to the recruitment platform.

📈 User interface and performance enhancements

Several improvements to the user interface have been implemented, mainly for the shift detail window. Web and mobile performance has been enhanced for a better user experience!

Upgrade to version 7.5 now and discover how we’re making your time management more intuitive and adaptable! 🎊



⏰ New display option for night shifts

For shifts that span two days, our new company setting allows you to display them either on the start day, the end day, or both. Once this feature is activated, all members of your company will benefit from this new default view type unless they choose to change it in their shift settings.

Upgrade to version 7.4 now and discover how we’re making your time management more intuitive and adaptable! 🎊


New Version 7.3 of our App 🚀

We are thrilled to introduce our latest update, Version 7.3, packed with exciting new features to enhance your recruitment and scheduling experience even further. Here’s what’s in store:

🎨 Recruitment – White Labeling

Shine your brand effortlessly! You can now personalize your recruitment page with your logo, colors, and job offers. A dedicated link is also available to easily direct potential candidates to your personalized space. It can therefore be easily integrated to your company website. 

📋 Modifiable Shift Display

Your dashboard is becoming more flexible than ever. It is now possible to modify the shift display to include team names.

💰 Paid Breaks Import

You can now import your paid breaks when you import a schedule. A valuable time-saver in managing your teams.

🌟 Automatic Recurrence Repetition

Say goodbye to manually repeating expiring recurrences. With a single click from your dashboard on the ‘Recurring shifts that end soon’ card, your recurrences will be repeated for the same duration as when you created them.


Version 7.2 is now available

🎯 Default publication setting to the recruitment platform

New setting that allows you to specify if publishing to the recruiting platform is enabled by default when creating an open shift. The setting can be done based on shifts, positions and locations.

⏩ Display end date to email notifications for night shifts

For shifts that end the following day, email notifications now display the end date in addition to the time to reduce confusion for users.

🗂️ Display the 14 day period on the dashboard

It is now possible to display dashboard information over a 14 day period.


Version 7.1 is now available!

🎯 Implementation of filters on the dashboard tab

Our dashboard tab now has a filter option, allowing you to customize and refine your searches in the blink of an eye.

🗂️ Show drafts on the dashboard

It is now possible to show every draft shift on your dashboard. A new parameter has been added to that intention.

🔒 Modification of the minimum requirements for password creation

With security as our priority, we have strengthened the new password requirements. 

⏩ Addition of a quick post option on the recruitment platform via the schedule tab

Quickly and efficiently post job offers directly from the schedule tab. Save time and recruit top talent faster!


Version 7.0: Evolia, your new ally for optimized management! 🚀

We are excited to present Version 7.0 of our app, formerly known as Voilà!, now becoming Evolia. This update brings innovative features to enhance your experience and optimize your human resources management.

📈 New Recruitment Platform

You can now post your recurring open shifts on our all-new recruitment platform ( Enjoy simplified management and find the ideal candidates more quickly.

🖼️ Customizable Recruitment Profil

In the company settings, you can now personalize the details displayed on the recruitment platform with the new Recruitment Card.

🏷️ Signage on the Schedule tab

Shifts published for recruitment are now easily identifiable with added signage on the Schedule tab.

🌟 Redesigned account creation process

The account creation process has been revamped to make signing up easier and to get you started with Evolia in no time.

🔄 Rebranding

Say hello to Evolia, the new name of our app that reflects our commitment to providing you with an optimized management solution.

📜 Approval of terms and conditions and privacy policy

Version 7.0 incorporates the approval of terms and conditions and the privacy policy to ensure transparent and secure use of our app.

💬 New chat for the support team

Thanks to the new chat feature integrated into the app, you can communicate more efficiently with our support team.