Time & Attendance

Track time right

Employees can easily log their time according to your set business rules. Automatically set geofenced mobile clocking, fixed punch terminals, or simple timesheets. Send it to payroll in one click!

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Time Tracking

Timekeeping you can count on

Leverage Evolia’s workforce management solution to monitor the presence of your team and departments. We have a GPS tracking feature that is activated as soon as your employee clock-in on premises which proves their presence. Rest assured privacy is respected.

Geofenced mobile clock

Track employee location during clock in/out using geopositioning. Capture their phone location to verify employees’ location without following them throughout the shift.

Fixed web-based console

Our web-based punch console is easy to set up and can’t be tampered with.

Compatible with most biometric terminals

Already set up, but there is something missing that you can’t put your finger on? Connect your existing terminals to feed our timecards.

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Smart timesheets

Automated timesheets
you don’t have to read…

This just in; Evolia allows you to automate your most frequent adjustments, validate the remaining discrepancies, and generate your payroll in a single-click. Rest assured that every expense will be journalised in good order. Gone are the days of manually entering timecards. So much pressure to be accurate and precise, adjust to changing schedules, and break down to process payroll…

Automatic timesheet completion

Free up your employees’ valuable time from the task of filling timecards. Instead, streamline the process by automatically populating them with planned shifts.

Detailed time & attendance breakdown

Time should be broken down. Not managers! Properly optimize all cost centers; regular schedules, overtime, premium and vacation.

Flexible time adjustments

Your rules, their time.
Adjusted in seconds.

Making sure payroll gets processed error-free doesn’t have to be such a time sucker. Want time-entries to be rounded to 5 minutes? Breaks to be applied (despite being fully taken)? Early arrivals to be paid out up to 10 minutes more? Whatever your rules, we’ll apply them automatically where applicable so your managers only have to focus on adjusting actual issues.

Customizable premiums

Spruce up some shifts to make them more attractive. Add premiums in your desired format, set application rules, and audit them from your timesheets.

Overtime tracking

Calculate overtime in real-time! Stay a step ahead of unplanned cost increases.

Clocking normalization

Use our smart time-clocking feature to track your original clocking times and avoid timesheet adjustments. Adjust timesheets on your own schedule.

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Validation & payroll

Payday should feel ‘YAY’ - not nay

Processing payroll is a repetitive yet essential component of your business. We understand that mistakes big and small can be quite costly. Evolia’s software helps teams save time and dodge robust processes.
Our system automatically approves regular times, managers review discrepancies, and payroll admins validate and lock all approved times before sending to payroll via multiple connectors.

2-step validation process

1. Your manager confirms irregular time-entries. 2. Your payroll team double-checks and locks them in for submission.

Multiple payroll integration

Connect Evolia’s timesheets to your payroll system, and auto-generate.

Precise expense mapping

Manage expense reports, validate, and transfer to your payroll alongside other payout information.