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HR operations start with your people, and perform based on your management skills. Organize your team’s communications on a single platform with instant-messaging, survey, file sharing and more.

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Team based instant-messaging

Collaborate with your team
Collaborate with your team

Keep the lines of communication open with key players

Create one-on-one or group conversations. Invite new colleagues to the relevant groups, and share thoughts, information and attachments right within your HR solution.

Customize messaging access

Limit messaging to managers and their employees. Lock it or leave it open for everyone.

Create dynamic groups

Open up a discussion with colleagues who share relevant roles, teams, and locations. Give a warm welcome to newcomers as they can also automatically join in.

Share anything securely

Add emojis, pictures and attachments to show engagement and support the discussion. Get read receipts to confirm the group saw your message.

Shoutouts and surveys

Share information. Collect feedback.
Share information. Collect feedback.

Fast & Simple information sharing

You’ve got mail! Ensure messages are received. Use shoutouts to make sure announcements get seen. Send new policies, directions or company news and disable comments from colleagues to avoid interference.

Conduct surveys to collect feedback from your team and make improvements.

No-fuss Communications

Cut the formalities of sending a mass email. Immediately share critical information with select groups of your choosing. It can be viewed directly on everyone’s home screen.

Flexible surveys

Create surveys to cast a vote, or get people to confirm they read important files you shared. Keep track of feedback, and follow-up as needed.

Flexible document sharing

The right information at all times
The right information at all times

Arm your team with updated info
with real-time sharing.

Our flexible file sharing solutions are also a major flex. Attach notes to specific shifts, calendar dates, requests – you name it! This will ensure your required information is handy and doesn’t leave anyone in the dark.

Shift notes

Managers and workers can get specific about shift expectations. Add public and private notes to the schedule for reference.

Employee records

Document your employee’s personnel records and keep them on file. Track performance and use it in quarterly reviews or further assignments.

Task management

Build task lists for employees to complete, and watch them automatically get assigned to your shifts. Workers will arrive informed and prepared to perform tasks for the day.

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