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Evolia is a group of passionate humans who strive to help you solve your HR operations challenges.

strong vision

A strong vision for a more human resources management

We believe in the power of collaboration between workers and employers.

When organizations work for their employees, and not the other way around, we believe that everyone is moving forward and can reach their full potential. Relationships are between equals. Voilà! why we’re here, our reason for being, the common thread of our evolution.

Born from a recurring need within our network to optimize employees scheduling, we have perfected our platform by integrating it effectively into varied and complex organizations. We have improved it by expanding its functionalities and we have sharpened its adaptability by personalizing its approach.

Our disruptive solutions continue our quest for simplicity. Because we know that when it comes to workforce management, the more intuitive the tools, the more engaged the workers. And that’s how employers gain productivity and move forward.

Exit the linear aspect of the job search. Our shift-based recruiting approach is granular and fully in line with the current vision of workers. They do not belong to anyone and aspire to control their schedule, their quality of life. We strongly welcome this vision so that our client-employers get the best out of it.

Our intervention is local. We build ecosystems of collaborating workers and employers. Because we are convinced that there is more to gain from helping each other than from competing. By breaking down barriers together, we provide access to the largest pool of skilled, volunteer frontline workers for the greater benefit of local employers.

We are the smart evolution of workforce management, the platform that increases employer productivity by teaming up with workers.

We are Evolia. We empower workers and employers to work better together.

Meet the team

Each of them is good at what they do, but together, we believe we can achieve the impossible!

They’re the same people who will jump in to help you solve your challenges every time you write to or call us. Put a face to the names as we’re real people helping you solve your people issues.

Product & Development

Nicolas Martineau
Frédéric Bégin
Maxime Mondello
Laurence Lepage
Charles Côté
Christian Gauthier
Karine Vézina
Francis-Olivier Couture
Olivier Deschênes
Louis-Michel Brie


Philippe Clusiau
Clara Plébani
Cierra Campeau

Finance & Administration

Alyssa Latulippe
Jeanette Butler
Chief Finance Officer
Martin Ouellet
Chief Executive Officer
Max Trudel
Chief Operations Officer


Jeanette Butler
Chief Finance Officer
François Couderc
Chief Technology Officer
Martin Ouellet
Chief Executive Officer
Max Trudel
Chief Operations Officer
Sébastien Notari
Head of Sales

Customer Success & Support

Julie Mathieu
Customer Success Manager
Nil Malavoi
Customer Success Manager

Business Development

Jérémy Comeau
Product Specialist
Caroline Dondeynaz
Business Development Representative
Alex Ianniciello
Product Specialist
Clara di Francesco
Sales Development Representative
Nicole Ouellet
Partnership Manager
Pasquale de Luca
Sales Development Representative
Sébastien Notari
Head of Sales
Steven Regimbal
Partnerships Director
Gustavo Mier
Business Development Representative

Our values

The real values aren’t those you write on your walls. They are the principles which bring and hold people together in adversity and make sure we walk [run] in the same direction.


We don’t settle, and “good enough” just doesn't cut. Like a dog with a bone - our team is driven to dig deep and find tailored solutions for our users.


There’s no growing without learning! We love sharing our insights with one another and put our bragging rights aside.


We find strength in numbers! To reach their potential, each member of our team gets their ideas heard loud and clear.


We put ourselves in our user’s shoes and help them without judgment.


Financial Partners

We benefit from the support and trust of these amazing partners who have helped give life to our vision since day one.

Did this make you consider joining our exceptional team?

The Evolia community consists of coworkers, clients, partners and suppliers. 

You too can possibly be part of the evolution!