Post shifts, not jobs

Try Shift-based recruiting and build your dream lineup

Don’t commit to filling full-time positions simply because people are readily available. Recruit the best employee for each shift and offer a flex schedule to boost engagement. This will ensure no shift is left unfilled.

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Post shifts,
not jobs

Shift-based recruiting

Post shifts, not jobs
Post shifts, not jobs

Get the right worker for every shift

Is that Friday night shift still up for grabs? Notify our talent pool. Thousands of workers from neighboring businesses are on the platform. Schedule people who are excited about their schedules. It makes for better business and experience for patrons.

Put the right talent in the right seats. Collect candidates, unlock their profiles and hire the most qualified ones. 

One-click posting

Posting a shift is just a simple step to add to your shift assignment flow. 

Engaged candidates

Keep transparency around hours you’re looking to fill and secure candidates who know what they are signing up for.

New resources under one roof

Recruit and assign new resources in the platform you are ‘at home with’.

Buckets of Talent!

Share workers to make them stay.
Share workers to make them stay.

Schedule the talent you need, when needed.

Benefit from thousands of candidates who use Evolia to find their next shift. Our shift-based recruiting connects employers to share active workers with transferable skills seeking extra hours to get their desired payout. 

Call it scheduling adapted to the modern workspace.

Increased visibility

Your likelihood of discovering a suitable candidate improves with each additional shift posting, as it garners more attention from external candidates and boosts your visibility.

Effortless recruiting

Seize control of your fulfillment process by directly publishing unfilled shifts to external candidates and enabling them to determine their own interest.

Integrated onboarding

Upon hiring, easily assign your new recruit to their preferred shift with a simple click. If necessary, include them in an extra training shift to ensure their readiness.

Flexible scheduling

Let workers do the work
Let workers do the work

What’s more empowering than deciding when you work?

Are you worried some shifts won’t get picked up? Enable employee mobility across business units, and send remaining time slots to our local workers pools. We won’t leave you hanging!

Employee mobility

Enhance internal mobility with fallback rules so qualified employees can assist other units, maximizing their potential contributions.

Cascading shift assignments

Design intricate invitation flows that prioritize entitled employees without excluding external workers. Allow the flows to continue inviting available workers until all shifts are occupied.

Employee self-scheduling

Are you confident in your team’s abilities? Release all available shifts to every qualified employee and empower them to select the shifts they are capable of fulfilling until the schedules are fully staffed.

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more shifts assigned when leveraging employee mobility and self-scheduling workflows


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