Your production
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Keep your production lines running like clockwork

Optimize your HR operations by engaging your employees in the scheduling process. Benefit from increased visibility and build the workflows you need.


A robust and flexible workforce solution

Evolia lets you customize your work parameters; create your work structure, optimize employee availability within the terms of your union agreements, and track time per client project or production line.

Monitor Operations
Create complex schedules in minutes

Create schedule templates and rotations, automatically assign them in bulk, or through shift-bidding based on your union agreements. Optimize your workers’ time and hire directly from Evolia’s talent pool to maximize your productivity.

Track time and cost centers

Help employees prevent time-clocking mistakes. Watch timesheets adjusted automatically.
And access precise time reports per project, cost center, or production line.

Respect your agreements

Configure rules imposed by your union agreements, assign them to your workers’ groups, and accumulate premiums and overtime based on your most precise requirements.

Helping your people to collaborate

Self-Service Portal

Workers can update their availability, bid on shifts or last-minute overtime, and request replacements on-the-go. No more need for all those back-and-forth calls and costly paperwork.

Up-to-date timesheets

Strengthen employee engagement as they can watch timesheets being updated in real-time. This includes premiums and accrued overtime. With this feature, they can update their timecards quicker, while live-tracking their earnings.

Efficient communications

“You used to call me on my cell phone…” Finding the best time to connect with a manager or colleague may be a challenge given different time constraints in scheduled shift work. Evolia’s announcements allows you to immediately reach out, making information sharing easy and efficient.

A simpler planning software

Evolia’s workforce planning interface helps set all resource needs. Track fulfillment and assess production capacity at any time. Stay in control of your manufacturing operations. Switch from planning, to scheduling views, to keeping track of and assigning workers.

Get the right workers

No availability? No problem! Send your empty shifts to Evolia’s recruitment platform to find candidates interested in the exact shifts you are trying to fill.

Accessible audit trail

“How was an assignment decided?”… “How did you decide on the best rotational shift work?”
Answer questions accurately by keeping track of every invitation, request and approval, and refer to it as needed to demonstrate that your processes were followed at all times.

And much more…

We can’t build your products for you.
But we can find and place the people who do!

Shift-based recruiting solution

Shift bidding to leverage your employees’ engagement

Integrated to the most popular payroll solutions
Fully customizable assignment workflows

Fixed and mobile punch solutions

Customizable time adjustment rules

Flexible schedule templates & master rotations

Invitations audit trail to avoid union claims

Voilà! is a very easy and efficient app. You can schedule people directly through it and view employees’ availability in real-time which is an amazing time-saver since you’re always in the know!

Sara Macleod, HR AssistantPolymos

Before Evolia I had nearly 80 post-its reminding me of every employee’s time constraints. Now, it’s almost a full workday I save on scheduling alone every week.

Geneviève Watters, ManagerMAclinique Lebourgneuf

I made my delivery schedule, left all shifts open, and employees applied for the shifts they wanted. Everything is done automatically and I did not have to contact all the employees one by one or to make heartbreaking choices. Thank you!

Meredith B., ManagerBâton Rouge

Make scheduling
your best asset

How sweet! We built a suite of HR tools that work for managers and their busy bees.
Evolia helps organize resources to help daily operations.

  • Integrated with most HRIS and ERP softwares
  • Robust and customizable business rules
  • Simple punch solutions
  • Real-time replacement and absence management
  • Streamlined call-out lists
  • Schedule templates and master rotations

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