How Can Technology Improve the Employee Experience?

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Improving the employee experience has become a priority for many employers, and for good reason: amidst labour shortages and waves of resignations, it is crucial to retain employees to ensure your company’s sustainability.

So how can you create a good employee experience and optimize staff motivation and well-being every day?

Using HR technology tools is the best strategy to improve your employees’ daily lives and adapt to their new expectations.

Here are the reasons why:

1- HR technology for a fulfilling professional life

It goes without saying, that having a fulfilling professional life is key to an employee’s happiness.

HR technology is an essential enabler of professional development and a critical component of your workforce’s well-being. 

How can technology support your employees’ careers? By dramatically reducing the burden of repetitive, time-consuming and unchallenging administrative tasks so they can focus on the more rewarding aspects of their role. 

Data centralization and daily time savings

A human resources management software like Folks allows you to centralize all information regarding employee records on a single platform. That way you can avoid data lossdouble entries and multiple reminder emails.

Each employee can modify their own profile according to their needs, at any time, on the tool of their choice (personal or professional computer, tablet or smartphone), for greater flexibility every day!

As a result, your staff will never again waste time on repetitive tasks and will be able to focus on what matters the most: their professional development and personal balance.

Flexibility and self-service portal

The digital accessibility of administrative tasks leads to employee empowerment. Employees have easier accessibility to managing their personal files and better visibility of their information. They will also receive quick and clear answers from their managers on each of their requests (like PTO and absence management). 

When it comes to flexible absence management, Evolia is your best technological ally and one of the most efficient tools forautomating time management.

HR technology’s primary goal is to gain more flexibility to improve employee experience constantly!

Technology allows employees to be better supported in all their endeavours, and free to focus on their career and rewarding projects. In addition, managers will have more time to create a good team dynamic and a stimulating work environment for everyone.

Using HR technology is simply the best strategy to support professional development and employee well-being!

2- Technology for increased employee engagement

In addition to saving considerable time on administrative tasks, HR technology tools also offer features specifically designed to improve employee engagement

Optimize performance management

Comprehensive performance tracking is a critical component of employee engagement.

Efficient performance management not only helps identify productivity and motivation issues before they get out of hand but also maintains employee engagement by establishing a constructive dialogue between managers and their teams.

Optimal performance management is only possible by using the right technological tools: they will let you choose between different evaluation methods according to your organizational reality and centralize all relevant information on a single platform.

Folks HR offers you the best tracking and performance management features to optimize your processes and improve your employees’ engagement daily!

Train your employees to increase retention

Your employee will struggle to envision a future in your company if they are not progressing in their career.

There is only one solution to improve workforce motivation and performance: efficient skills management!

Training your employees makes them more productive and improves their retention rate and their daily experience. However, it is often difficult for the HR department to manage continuous training throughout the whole organization.

Fortunately, HR technology is here to ensure that training and skills are well managed within your organization!

With Folks HR, you will receive automated reminders when your employees’ certificates are due for renewal, so you’ll never have to worry about oversights and delays that could affect your team’s productivity and engagement. 

Acquiring skills and managing training through technology will quickly become a crucial asset for your company! 

Support your employees throughout their entire career

A human resources management software allows you to effectively support your employees throughout their life cycle in the company, from recruitment to departure. 

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) solutions provide resume and candidate profile rankings for efficient recruitment. 

Employee onboarding features allow for successful onboarding of new hires, withautomated reminders of tasksto be completed and their due dates, eliminating the need for numerous reminder emails that might discourage new employees. 

In addition, employee records, centralized performance information and career and training management features provide you with comprehensive tracking of all your employees throughout their careers. 

Finally, exit management features help you track your employees from their first steps to their very last day in the company! These great technological opportunities make workforce management more human and personalized while improving performance across the board. 

If you want to take it one step further, engagement surveys provide clear and comprehensive feedback on your employees’ engagement levels!

As you can see, numerous technological tools help you establish increasingly relevant engagement strategies and effectively support your employees throughout their life cycle, making their experience with you all the more enjoyable!

3- Takes your employees’ realities into account

Using HR technology also means ensuring the proper digitization of all your business processes.

Digital transformation has become a must for organizations that want to adapt their practices to a rapidly changing working world that is increasingly focused on the benefits brought by technology.

What are the benefits of this digitization for the employee experience?

Organizational flexibility to adapt to different work models

In recent years, companies have had to adapt to many organizational changes, both spurred by the pandemic and evolving employee expectations.

The emergence of new ways of working – remote work, hybrid work, flexible working hours – has made technology tools all the more crucial for companies that want to keep up with these changes. HR technology gives you the organizational flexibility needed to adapt to remote workers’ reality and stay in tune with employees’ changing contexts over time. As a result, your staff will never feel left behind and will finally get digital access to all the tools and information they need.

The growing importance of work-life balance 

The ability to access key information at any time also ensures a better balance in your employees’ personal lives.

Allowing your workforce to complete their timesheets remotely and update their personal information in a few clicks means they have more time for themselves, to pick up their children from school, to deal with the unexpected in their daily lives.

This digitization process has become increasingly important in recent years, and for good reason: the pandemic has greatly altered employees’ priorities and expectations. Indeed, they are now expecting greater flexibility in their professional lives to maintain a balance in their personal lives.

Thanks to the automated search for replacements from last minute scheduling changes, Evolia offers optimal managementof unexpected schedule changes to reconcile work and family life.

Final Thoughts

From the first meeting to the exit interview, HR technology supports employees throughout their careers within the company. It also makes their day-to-day lives easier and ensures their engagement and career success.

An employee who is supported during key moments of their career will be happier, more productive and will stay with you longer!

Technology tools are therefore essential vectors of employee well-being and retention, as well as valuable allies in helping you build a solid employer brand.

So what are you waiting for to adopt HR technology and take advantage of its many benefits? 

Need help with recruiting, scheduling and managing your workforce? Start a free trial of Evolia today.

Morgane Lança is the HR Content Manager at Folks, a Quebec-based company offering HR solutions for SMBs in Canada. She loves research and content analysis. When she is not reading, she is writing, and she particularly enjoys English literature, sci-fi and fantasy.

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