Voilà Becomes Evolia

An HR evolution…
Voilà! evolves into Evolia

We’re changing the game. So we decided to cut our hair and change our name…

Same old us, only evolved. We’re finally pulling back the curtains on our brand new identity – revealing the evolution of our platform and impact on industries we’ve grown with Voilà! … Evolia.

Throwback to our launch date in 2016 when Voilà! only outlined how our solutions solved scheduling issues for our clients. We were the brains behind streamlined processes, automated redundant tasks and operational aspects of HR. 

We’ve come a long way since! We knew there was still so much we could do in this space to help managers and workers simplify processes. It’s about transforming our vision, shifting perspectives, and triggering and HR evolution.

And that’s how Evolia came to be. So how are we taking HR to the next level, together?

Those past few years taught us a lot, after all, how can a pandemic and labor shortage do otherwise? It showed us how collaboration and flexibility are key to healthier human resources and mostly, how they should be embraced – not feared – by managers. How do we know? Because we were lucky enough to work with organisations who dared to prove it; Serving clients in Healthcare, Manufacturing, Entertainment, Retail…from ski resorts to major hospitals. 

Managers and workers are butting heads when scheduling. We’re getting them aligned – helping them communicate the best schedules and processes.

The old saying goes “Collaboration and communication goes a long way”. You probably just rolled your eyes sarcastically thinking “Thanks, Captain Obvious!”…but here’s the thing; you actually need to apply it on a day-to-day basis, when you’re short staffed, running around and putting out fires. 

And that’s why we’re evolving our name. Because we’re bringing so much more to the (work) party when it comes to workforce management. *DRUM ROLL* We’re also releasing our talent pool recruiting platform!

A new and innovative solution for shift-based recruiting. A solution which puts managers in the driver-seat of the recruitment process. A solution with which you do not always have to apply for full time jobs, but where you can build your dream schedules with shifts from multiple local employers. A solution based for today’s workers and managers alike. 

To sum it up, we believe it should be FREE to post in this brand new marketplace! 

Because who ever paid to share something on the internet anyways? 

Like with all previous solutions we offered, businesses should only pay when a return is generated. That is, once they get and hire valuable candidates. 

For now, we just want you to try it, give your feedback, and benefit from a few thousands of potential candidates who are already roaming around this new shift board. 

That’s what Evolia is all about. Going the extra mile to make things work more smoothly for your business. Not only do we aim to help you organize your workforce to make it more profitable. We’ll also help you staff it.  

We don’t only help you streamline your workforce to enhance profitability. We help you staff it.

Voilà! … Evolia.

Plan. Work. Together.