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Empower your team to create smart schedules that work

Schedules aren’t just names in boxes – they’re your employees’ lives and the backbone of your business. We believe that manager-worker collaboration is key to building efficient schedules. Set your rules, get workers’ input, automate communications and assignments in real-time and make adjustments when needed. All from Evolia’s self-service portal.

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Build your schedules

Define your business needs
Define your business needs

Say goodbye to scheduling headaches.
Streamline your processes.

Translating your needs into schedules is no easy feat. But once you pin down a routine, it is usually somewhat repetitive. Evolia offers tools to set your schedules’ template, build a framework for upcoming months, and make necessary adjustments along the way.

With flexible and powerful scheduling tools, you won’t have to waste time building the same schedules over and over again.

Open Shifts

Set your needs, define assignment priorities, and publish! Workers can view and select the shifts they want to work.

Recurring & rotating shifts

Effortlessly schedule up to months in advance. Assign and publish shifts as you go.

Flexible Templates

Our flexible template solutions are a major flex. Build various scheduling templates and apply them to upcoming weeks as you build-out based on availability.

Assign your shifts

Find the perfect person for the job
Find the perfect person for the job

Automate employee scheduling with
our powerful and intuitive assignment tools.

Easily automate the staff scheduling process with our powerful and intuitive assignment tools. Access advanced tools like auto-assignment, advanced invitations rules, and availability management.

If any schedule requires customizations, managers and workers can benefit from Evolia’s self-scheduling features.


Build open schedules, select the automated priority you want, and let Evolia recommend schedules. Not happy with the result? Adjust as needed, or try a different assignment pattern.

Custom invitation flows

Assigning shifts the way you want. Replicate union agreements. Invite employees to take shifts in your desired order, and select the best candidate from those interested.

Availabilities & Absence Proof

Avoid scheduling conflicts: employees can enter their own availability and constraints.

Manage shift changes as they happen

Adjust schedules on-the-go
Adjust schedules on-the-go

Life happens.
Don’t let it impact your HR operations.

Eliminate the hassle of shift management with Evolia’s automations. Our powerful tools including Seamless Shift Exchange, Smart Punch Approval, and Automated Premiums & Overtime Allocations automate key tasks, so you can focus on what matters most.

Replacements & shift swaps

Empower your employees to request shift exchanges and replacements as needed. Automatically notify candidates and approve as needed.

Integrated leave management

Centralize leave requests. Evaluate their impact on schedules and automate the replacement processes once approved.

Automated Premiums & Overtime Allocation

Track costs as schedules change. Identify issues and adjust schedules proactively.

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