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The demand for flexible work is on the rise. As businesses adapt to the evolving recruitment industry, finding the right employees for specific shifts is becoming increasingly crucial. 

Similarly, job seekers are looking for more flexible options, like ‘Shift Shopping’ and gig-work to make more money and have more freedom over their work-life balance. 

Thousands of shift workers everywhere are embracing the “shift shopping” revolution on Evolia. Discover how job seekers are taking control of their schedules. Don’t miss out on the future of workforce management. Sign up to Evolia for FREE.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how Evolia is changing the game and helping businesses thrive in this new era of recruitment.

Table of Contents

  • The Driving Forces
  • The Evolving Way to Recruit
  • How to Recruit Shift Workers
  • Create your personalised recruitment page
  • Build a Thriving Company Culture

The Driving Forces: The Demand in Flexible Work

As with any industry, there are constant changing forces, especially in Human Resources and workforce recruitment. Flexible work is no longer a ‘future prediction’ from HR experts. It’s here to stay as it’s evident from the fundamental shifts in the way employees look for and approach work.

A 2019 report by McKinsey revealed that up to 30% of the U.S. workforce engaged in some form of gig work. This trend isn’t confined to the United States alone; it’s a global phenomenon. And a 2021 survey by PwC found that 63% of executives believed that gig workers would become an essential part of their workforce within the coming years.



These drivers that are increasing the demand for gig-work are the same factors that lead to shift workers wanting change and more flexible work, even if they are employed full-time workers. 

The Evolving Way To Recruit Flexible Employees 

To recruit flexible employees, you need to be flexible with how you recruit. Keep up with the latest trends and the evolving landscape of shift work, by using modern recruit tools like Evolia.

Post Shifts, Not Jobs

Say goodbye to traditional job postings. With Evolia, you can instantly get in front of thousands of eager workers that you have open shifts to apply for. This ensures you schedule individuals genuinely excited about their roles, enhancing both business efficiency and the customer experience.

This modern approach ensures you have the talent you need when you need it.

One-Click Posting & Increased Visibility

Simplify your shift assignment process with a single click. Posting a shift becomes a seamless part of your workflow. With each additional shift posting, your likelihood of discovering the ideal candidate improves. 

Connecting Recruitment with Workforce Management

Manage your entire recruitment process within the platform you’re already familiar with, keeping everything centralized. After hiring, easily assign your new recruit to their preferred shift with a simple click. If necessary, include them in an extra training shift to ensure readiness.

Enable employee mobility across business units, ensuring all shifts are covered, and enhancing internal mobility with fallback rules for maximum contributions.

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How to List Your Business and Recruit Shift Workers

All of your competitors’ logos are on Evolia…why are they not on it yet? 

Here is how to easily set up an Evolia account to begin finding shift workers for your open positions, in less than a few minutes of your time.

Step 1: Visit the main shifts page

Navigate to the job board home page to Explore Evolia and see shifts on the map and jobs available for shift workers. 

Step 2: Register Your Business For Free

Click on the “Register my business” button to sign up to Evolia, for free.

Step 3: Complete Registration

Complete these simple 5 steps to create your free Evolia account in less than a few minutes.

Step 4: Post Shifts and Find Talent

Start posting your shifts and connect with the thousands of local candidates who are actively “shift shopping” on Evolia.

Create a personalized recruitment page

Build a Thriving Company Culture

The benefits of tailoring your recruitment processes to the changing shift-worker landscape can build a thriving company culture. 

A great experience from application to the first shift schedule

Because Evolia has a user-friendly application experience where candidates can save time from inputting their resume and experiences, your business can leave a positive impression. 


Ultimately, valuing candidates’ time will create a positive company image. And when successful candidates are scheduled and begin their first shift, this will enhance the companies’ culture.

Flexible work makes employees happy

The research shows that a flexible work schedule creates happy employees. When staff have flexibility for work-life balance and they feel their personal needs are met, not only are employees happier, they are also more productive and stay with companies longer.

Additionally, research conducted by Gallup revealed that employees who have control over their work hours and schedules report higher levels of engagement and well-being. These findings highlight the importance of flexibility in work arrangements, which not only enhances employee happiness but also boosts productivity and retention rates among shift workers.

Put scheduling on autopilot

Picture this, you’ve just onboarded a new staff member to cover important morning shifts. The new employee is wondering when they will work next, but in order to find out, they have to drive to the business location and take a photo of the paper schedule for the week that’s hanging in the manager’s office.

By time they get home, a shift may have changed and the new employee is not sure who they will be working with that day, or even if their own shift has changed. 

With Evolia, that all changes. Companies can put scheduling on auto-pilot and employees can seamlessly review their upcoming shifts on their mobile device or home computer. They can be updated with any relevant information or changes to their schedules all with a click of a button. 

Now, your new employees won’t be frustrated by old-school paper scheduling methods, and they can focus on the important parts of their job.

With employee self-scheduling, you can empower your team to select the shifts they are capable of fulfilling, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility.

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Ready to Recruit and Manage Your Workforce?

If you’re an HR manager or a manager in industries such as retail, healthcare, entertainment, industrial, or manufacturing, Evolia is your solution for efficient recruiting and scheduling. 

Job seekers are exploring Evolia’s “shift map” where they can build & manage their own schedules. Get Evolia FREE and discover the 1000s of shift workers looking for flexible work! 

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