Scheduling Performers with Precision: Medusa Entertainment Meets Evolia

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About Medusa Entertainment

Transforming venues and events like night clubs, supper clubs and product launches into memorable spectacles requires unique talent and experience. Choreographing dancers, aerialists, contortionists and other performers for a single event is challenging to say the least. Now dial that challenge up to hundreds of events year-round, across the Toronto area and beyond.  

Medusa Entertainment’s Creative Director, Eva Mok, and her management team have a daunting and ongoing task. They schedule an extensive roster of talent for business events year-round. She liaises with her talent community and plans with the same-kind of precision and timing which would impress even renowned choreographers like Bob Fosse or Sean Bankhead. 

As a formally trained performer/dancer and model herself, Eva knows this: When the stage is set, her talent needs to be in the spotlight and ready to dazzle a crowd.

The Challenge

Coordinating a large, diverse roster of performers with a wide spectrum of talents, skills and availability can be overwhelming at the best of times. Even for a seasoned professional like Eva, facilitating a last-minute performer change for a planned evening is no small task.  

In the entertainment industry, your reputation is often dictated by your last show. Trying to orchestrate performers manually on an ongoing basis is nerve-wracking and time-consuming. 

Evolia: Can you provide an example of how the Shift Swap feature is particularly helpful?

Eva: This feature is especially beneficial to our team because it saves us time. In the past, errors in scheduling would affect our payroll, costing us additional time, money and confusion. 

The Solution

There are many stories of the benefits of digitally transforming and mobile app-enabling businesses to create efficiencies and agility. Medusa Entertainment invested in Evolia’s workforce scheduling application in June of 2023. It is already delivering considerable return on investment (ROI) and peace of mind (POM). 

Eva said even though they have only been using Evolia for a relatively short time, they are already streamlining their scheduling processes. They are eliminating tedious manual input and achieving efficiencies with Evolia’s advanced functionality. 

Eva’s performers can access detailed information about their assigned “gigs” on the go, including: 

  • The venue;
  • The time they are scheduled to perform;
  • Special requests from Eva or the host.

Evolia enables performers to swap event shifts with similarly talented, available performers without troubling Eva at the last minute. 

What Do Your Contract Performers Enjoy the Most About Using Evolia

“Our contractors truly appreciate Evolia’s accuracy. The precision and amount of detail we can include for each shift makes it much easier for our contractors to plan ahead for their upcoming shifts for the month ahead,” says Eva. 

Evolia helps businesses identify shift workers (or contract performers) with the right skill sets, and enables in-app communication and collaboration. The self-service portal and mobile application enable employees to set their availability and seamlessly request leave

Organizations like Medusa Entertainment with contractors on a variety of rate schedules can automate assignments based on client requirements.   

What Would You Tell Others Who are Hesitant About Using Evolia? 

We didn’t realize how much time and energy we were wasting on manual scheduling until we discovered the ease of Evolia. We encourage any organization that is hesitant to try it out! You will be able to use that extra time to continue growing and scaling your company!

Evolia offers a free plan, as well as other affordable plans which enable businesses to only pay for the features they need and how many contract, part-time or full-time users they employ.  

In ancient Greek mythology, Medusa’s gaze turned men to stone. In Toronto, thanks to Evolia and Medusa Entertainment; a living statue, graceful ballerina or high-flying aerialist can amaze audiences at your event or venue. They will be there – on time – on contracted terms. 

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