How Do You Use Sub-Locations for More Accurate Cost Tracking?

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Hi, I’m Alex from Evolia the employee scheduling and workforce optimization app and welcome to another Feature Friday. 


Today I’ll be covering how to use Sub-locations for more accurate cost tracking.


Now you already have a location or many locations set up in your account but you would like to be more specific when budgeting your workforce cost.


By creating a sub-location you can precisely identify the area in which your employees would be working.


As an example; Mike today works from 9-5 in the warehouse, let’s call that location A. 


But he’ll be working in the wrapping section, so call that the sub-location b, w or whatever you want to name it.


Now 2 things will happen here. First of all, Mike will know exactly which station to work in that day. And on the other end, the employer will be able to track the total number of hours worked and the total cost of that sub-location.


So not only will your accounting team love you, but you’ll also be capable of presenting accurate and real-time budgeting per sub-locations.


With that, I hope you enjoyed this feature. let us know if you have any questions or suggestions by sending us an email:


 As always, thank you for watching, have a great weekend and see you next time!

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