How Evolia Helps Manufacturing Companies Save Time and Money

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Welcome to the new Feature Friday!

Each week one of our Evolia team members will answer a new question that comes directly from our customers.

It’s a great way for us to find solutions to your needs and show you guys what makes Evolia different from other workforce management and flexible staffing solutions on the market.

With a big portion of our customers coming from the manufacturing industries, Max, Our VP will tackle one of the top recurring questions: 

How can I save time and money with an employee scheduling and workforce management app?

Watch the video above or read below to find out more:

We know that manufacturing schedules can be complex. Often you have one or even several unions agreements involved (which you need to respect). 

Additionally, many companies we work with are also understaffed recently. 

These are all challenges we can help you with. 

Challenge #1:  A complex business structure

Solution: A four-level structure 

Our four level structure : teams, positions / qualifications, locations and even sub-locations helps you organize your different production lines, as well as your rotations . 

That way the same employees aren’t always stuck with night shifts or with the best shifts. Fairness is name of the game here.

You can take even step it up a notch by creating recurring schedules for months to come.

How: Using Evolia’s business rules and drag & drop feature

You can structure your complex scheduling in just a few minutes using Evolia’s business rules and drag & drop scheduling features.

Our team is coming up with new levels to help you create whatever structure you see fit for your company.

As for union rules?

You often have different steps in which employees must be prioritized by invitation to take open shifts. 

Whether it be prioritizing full-time employees by seniority, then part-time also by seniority, you can really configure all of that into Evolia and there are all lot more rules you can use. 

You can maximize to reduce staffing costs, or to balance shifts between everyone if you are not currently working at full capacity. 

Those are just several of the many things you can do with Evolia’s business rules.

Like offer overtime, or fill in last-minute replacements. 

You do not always have time to wait for everyone to answer. 

You can invite all available and qualified employees at once, and then automatically prioritize all those who showed interest in your shifts. 

Whether it be the most deserving or highest experience level, you can easily prioritize the right employee that fits your needs.

 This is also something you can do if you want to reverse the process and prioritize at that point.

End result? 

Drastically reduces the time it takes you to go through your recall lists when you are on short delays. 

It also reduces absenteeism and complains as the whole process is documented in Evolia so you can make sure every employee was notified when he needed to be.

It does really help keep a good relationship between employers, employees and unions, while also increasing stability across your workforce as schedules can be filled longer in advance.

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Challenge #2: Companies being overstaffed

Solution: Fall Backs

This third thing, I mentioned companies being often understaffed. 

As much as Evolia can’t invent workers or make new ones appear magically (we wish!) if you have a qualified and available employee who wants to work somewhere within your business, we’ll make sure to find them as we increase mobility across departments.

We can start by inviting qualified employees within a department and then fall back on similar departments and up to the entire company in minutes and in the order that YOU choose to set up.

We even have staffing partners (both agencies and platforms).

You can start by looking across your entire company. If no one is available, you can fallback on your external partners to ensure that no empty shift is left behind.

What this does is spare you the time consuming back and forth of having to call every single employee you have and then call an agency if need be. 

By automating everything you can drastically decrease delays. You will save a lot of time and your staffing professionals will be able to focus where they do provide the most value.

I hope you enjoyed this brief overview of what Evolia can do for the manufacturing industry

If you find that these challenges and solutions hit close to home, we’d be more than pleased to show you the full solution. 

If you are in another industry and still recognize those situations, of course, you are just as welcome to contact us for a demo.

As always, our professionals will  help you set your rules and workflows as well as import employees and schedules  so you can be fully operational within a few days.

Wishing you an amazing weekend!

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